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A the mass will stay where you have stretched it b

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Unformatted text preview: rn to its original position and be stationary. d. The mass will vibrate with a frequency slower than 2 Hz e. None of the above. When the spring is stetched at equilibrium F mg kx0 mg x0 k When the spring is further stretched and released, it will oscillate. F ma kx d 2x kx dt 2 x A sin( t m k m 2f 1 2 f ) g x0 1 2 10m / sec 2 .1m 10 Hz 2 13. In the limit that a sphere becomes very small, what happens to the ratio of the surface area of the sphere to the volume of the sphere? a. The ratio becomes very small. b. The ratio stays the same. c. The ratio becomes very large. d. There is insufficient information to draw a conclusion. e. None of the above. Vsphere Asphere Asphere Vsphere lim Rsphere 4 3 Rsphere 3 2 4 Rsphere 2 4 Rsphere 4 3 Rsphere 3 Asphere 0 Vsphere 3 Rsphere...
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  • Fall '12
  • Dr.Holley
  • Kilogram, Orders of magnitude, Litre, Taylor series expansion, higher order terms, PETR 2311 Reservoir Petrophysics

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