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10 page paper - Introduction Being Eco friendly is more...

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Introduction Being Eco friendly is more then looking after the earth it is a way of living. Eco friendly people are very conscious in everything they do. They make sure that in everything they do it some how is benefiting the environment rather then hurting it. Since the 1980’s a census of America’s population said that they would prefer to purchase from a company that is environmentally conscious products. In order to know if the product you are purchasing is eco friendly or not you have to look at the packaging. Usually if a product is eco friendly there will be a label near the ingredients indicating so, also on other products there is a system used by Evo company that tells you how eco friendly something is on a scale. Evo company has produced a system based on how eco friendly or green friendly a product is the label for the product is given more leaves on the label showing how eco friendly it is based on a five leaf scale. This is very helpful to consumers because they are often skeptical on what level or degree the product they are interested in purchasing is helping the environment. Business are also very interested in eco friendly market because it is a relatively new market and constantly brings ways to bring down costs in businesses. If a company can produce a product that is saving them money while benefiting the environment that is a bonus. There are a lot of places to find eco friendly products. Often groceries stores will have a specialized aisle for eco friendly products. Also there are certain stores such as fresh fields or whole foods who specialize in eco friendly food and products. Also the internet has thousands of sites to choose from to purchase eco friendly products The Eco Friendly Environment In order to know what the eco friendly market or green market is you first have to know what makes a product green. In order for a product to be green it must meet certain criteria A product must be made from certain items that are healthy for the environment, also it depends on the process in which it is produced and also the distance it travels to get to the consumer.(www.evo.com) . The eco friendly or green markets are people who buy and sell such green items or eco friendly items. Eco friendly products can be a wide range of products as long as it is “green”. Some basic eco friendly products. everyday products such as flash lights, radio, even the clothes we wear. As long as a product There are also a wide rage of products and services that are eco friendly that the average consumer is unaware of. Such companies such as suncom, Nike, Obvio are taking the necessary steps in making products that will be the next generation of eco friendly products. Suncom has released a new environmental friendly data processor that is changing the industry. With the world’s first ever 9.67 GHz standard server with open source micro processing they way we use the internet will never be the same. Not only has Suncom produced a data processor that is four times faster then IBm’s Xeon
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10 page paper - Introduction Being Eco friendly is more...

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