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The New Deal Essay - Ashley Bukiri October 27th 2006 Essay...

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Ashley Bukiri October 27 th , 2006 Essay II: The New Deal U.S History after 1877 In October of 1929, the United States stock market crashed after a decade of prosperity and wealth. Many historians believe that this crash directly caused one of the worst periods in American history, the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The President at the time was Herbert Hoover, a Republican from Iowa. When the crash hit, many Americans lost their jobs causing unemployment to skyrocket in the U.S. Hoover as a republican believed in a small national government, and didn’t do enough quick enough to satisfy the nation. Men began to leave their families in search of work, constructing little shanty towns commonly called Hooverville, after the floundering President. This set the stage for Franklin Delano Roosevelt to run as the Democratic candidate in the 1932 Presidential election. His platform consisted of turning the country around and pulling it out of the depression gave a new hope to a struggling population. Roosevelt won in a landslide victory over Hoover and the United States Government was forever changed. In his book The New Deal, Paul K. Conkin begins with a background of the life Roosevelt lived before becoming president of the United States. He puts special emphasis on the fact that he was a privileged boy from a wealthy family and did not have many hardships in his life. Conkin also includes the fact that Roosevelt was an only child; this shows that he was spoiled and normally got what he wanted. The author uses this fact to convey the idea that Roosevelt was not a man that would be turned down. He got what he wanted all the time in his life and wouldn’t have it any other way. A perfect example of this was in his campaign in the 1932 elections. Roosevelt campaigned that drastic
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changed had to be made in the government and economy, with slogans like the Three R’s Relief, Recovery, Reform, and with the help of the Governor of New York in battling the Great Depression, he again got what he wanted. Another finding Conkin points out is the few months Hoover was still in office before Roosevelt took over he sent a letter to Roosevelt asking for a meeting to brainstorm ideas about the banking crisis, Roosevelt famously did not reply to the request, and later made the excuse that his response was misplaced. Conkin points to this incident to further his point that Roosevelt was a very self-centered man, who wanted the blame for the Depression to be on the Republicans shoulders; he wanted to be the hero. Throughout the book Conkin argues that the New Deal was more about Roosevelt himself, than the people it was supposed to help. The New Deal started in 1932 with Roosevelt winning the election, his strong platform of reform and recovery during the campaign gave a new hope to the citizens of the United States and Roosevelt took advantage. He quickly hired teams to start brainstorming ideas to recover the Nation. Roosevelt always approached the problem of the depression aggressively, as was in his character to do so. This was very different from
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The New Deal Essay - Ashley Bukiri October 27th 2006 Essay...

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