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Uncle Tom's Cabin - Ashley Bukiri December 11th, 2006...

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Ashley Bukiri December 11 th , 2006 History 2010 Essay III The North and the Problem of Slavery In the year 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe published her first novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin . This book created huge controversies across the ever expanding United States, Northerners and Abolitionists began calling for the slavery laws of the country and even abolished, while the Southern plantation owners and slave holders defended what they called was their “rights.” However this had not been the first sign of changes happening in the country, in 1850 Congress passed new slavery laws as part of the Compromise of 1850. The first was the Fugitive Slave Act, requiring all U.S citizens to assist in the return of runaway slaves. Many abolitionists did not abide by this law on continued to assist runaway slaves to freedom in the North. Another law of the compromise was the decision of new states to be free or slave states. They decided to use Popular Sovereignty to decide which new states of the union were going to be free or slave holding, for example the settlers of California petitioned the Government to be entered into the Union as a free state. This was a period of transition and great change in the United States, and Stowe took that as her opportunity to impact the thinking and mindset of the American people. This novel begins on Mr. and Mrs. Shelby’s farm in Kentucky. Mr. Shelby, a slave owner, is making a deal with Mr. Haley, a slave buyer, to sell numerous slaves to
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relieve the debt he owes on his farm. Mrs. Shelby, not aware of her husband’s financial problems, reassures Eliza her child Harry would not be sold. However this does not go
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Uncle Tom's Cabin - Ashley Bukiri December 11th, 2006...

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