Virginia Gentry Essay

Virginia Gentry Essay - Ashley Bukiri October 23rd, 2006...

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Ashley Bukiri October 23 rd , 2006 American History before 1877 Essay II: The Case of the Virginia Gentry, 1750- 1820 July 4 th is celebrated every year as America’s Independence Day, on this day in 1776 Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston presented the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress. The document served as the official declaration that the colonists no longer identified themselves as English but as citizens of a separate America. As the Revolution came to an end in 1781 with the surrender of the British armies in Yorktown, the social and political elite started drawing up constitutions for their own separate states. All the revolutionaries agreed that the people, not a king or a few privileged elite, should rule. For the next decade the new America would struggle with forming a solid democratic government, until 1790 when all 13 states agreed to the James Madison’s Constitution. The state of Virginia was called home by perhaps the greatest political revolutionaries of their time Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, John Marshall, James Monroe, and George Mason. All of these men are considered to be the founding fathers of our country, but other than that they also have in common the fact that they were all members of the Virginia gentry. Before the revolution these men modeled themselves after the English gentry, they dress and acted like them in almost
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Virginia Gentry Essay - Ashley Bukiri October 23rd, 2006...

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