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EuroDisney: extra credit EuroDisney originally tried to change the culture they went to attempting to change the French people by bringing a strict appearance code for their workers which is not something normally done there. Appearance codes are said to take away individual liberty. For their employees it was also expected that they be polite and smile when dealing with customers. Again not something that is considered nearly as important by European culture as it is by American culture. After all of this almost twenty-five percent of their workforce resigned after the first year. Also EuroDisney did not serve alcoholic beverages within their park with meals. In all of Europe alcoholic beverages are had with just about every meal served. Prior to opening the park the way they marketed showed standardizing across cultures they showed that Disney was trying to create a relationship with the customers and people living in France. They offered trips, bringing people to their park in Florida for free. Also they threw a birthday party for Mickey
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