Robert Frost - Life Lessons

Robert Frost - Life Lessons - Raimbeault | 1 LCS121N...

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Raimbeault | 1 LCS121N October 15, 2007 Frost’s Life Lessons In his poems, Robert Frost inserts lessons and meaning about things that everyone experiences. He is able to give the reader a perspective about simple things such as decision making. His statement about poetry being a “way of remembering what it would impoverish us to forget.” is accurate in his case, because his poems seem to carry unique lessons that we ourselves learn in our lives. These lessons seem to be points at different levels of life or day to day occurrences. Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken and Acquainted with the Night are excellent examples of lessons that we learn throughout our life. Frost uses his writings to convey important messages about life, which we all experience and by forgetting these lessons we become less. The Road Not Taken is an excellent example of Frost’s life lessons. The poem is a metaphor for making decisions that change the path of our lives. As Frost is walking in the woods, he comes upon two roads, at which point he must make a decision as to what road he takes. He gives a description of looking down the paths as if he was reviewing a decision that would change the course of life. He even goes into to detail to describe the
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Robert Frost - Life Lessons - Raimbeault | 1 LCS121N...

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