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Cuhkeduhk please send all your inquiries to

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Unformatted text preview: 0- 12:15am ENGG1100BA- 3 ERB 1112 (Weeks 1&2: SHB 218) Mon 9:30- 12:15am ENGG1100BA- 4 ERB 909 Mon 9:30- 12:15am ENGG1100BB- 1 SHB 210 (Weeks 1&2: SHB 123) Mon 1:30- 4:15pm ENGG1100BB- 2 ERB 1112 (Weeks 1&2: SHB 218) Mon 1:30- 4:15pm ENGG1100BB- 3 ERB 909 Mon 1:30- 4:15pm In eLearn, see https://elearn.cuhk.edu.hk Please send all your inquiries to [email protected] Name Dept. Email Prof. K. P. Lam SEEM [email protected] Dr. Matthew Tang CSE [email protected] Prof. Ken Ma EE [email protected] Prof. Douglas Yung BME [email protected] Prof. K. H. Lee (CSE) Prof. Ken Ma (EE) Prof. Lian K. Chen (IE) Prof. Y. H. Liu (MAE) Prof. K. P. Lam (SEEM) Course Website Course Inquiry Course Coordinators Lecturers Assessment Item Lab Assignments (24) + Homework (6) % 30% MC Quiz Mid- term Test Run Project Progress 10% 10% 15% Demo 1 10% Demo...
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