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Ch. 25 HW Answers

Ch. 25 HW Answers - equipment breakdown protection coverage...

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Risk Management & Insurance Ch. 25 AQ’s  Chapter 25: 2) A. The explosion is covered under the causes of loss broad form of the policy. B. Expenses for special delivery of replacement parts are covered under the  equipment breakdown protection coverage form because the explosion caused the  equipment to stop working and they had to have a special delivery of the new parts  because of the failure.  C.  The injuries to employees would  not  be covered under the commercial package  policy that this company purchased.  These injuries would be covered under the  company’s workman’s comp. insurance. D. This problem would be referred to as spoilage damage which is covered under the 
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Unformatted text preview: equipment breakdown protection coverage form. (Pg. 572) 4) A. Janet should purchase a Business Income Coverage Form which would cover the loss of business income if operations should shut down because of a covered peril. Loss income and extra expenses will both be covered under this policy. B. James relies on the department store and theater for income to his book store, which are referred to as leader locations in the insurance industry. James should purchase a business income from dependent properties insurance coverage to ensure that his income will be protected if the department store or theater goes out of business....
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