Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis - Nutritional Analysis For as long as...

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Nutritional Analysis For as long as I could remember, food has always been something I looked forward to eating in a day’s time. I always found food to be amazing with its several different textures and astonishing tastes that just seem to become so elegant against the taste buds. Back in my hometown I love to make my own food from simple smoothies to barbeques and creating a lasagna dish from scratch to making an amazing chicken salad. But since I have been at college, it seems as if I have lost touch with my creativity when it comes to food seeing as all I eat these days are dorm food. A good question arises when I think about how I eat now, has my good nutrition left with my creativity with food to a certain degree? Is it possible that I am eating too little considering I am a Track and Field Division I athlete at UCSB? By doing the Nutritional Analysis all my questions were answer and new information about my nutrition has come out. In the following I will be sharing my new discoveries and the answers to my questions. In short, my diet is actually better than most teenage college students when we look at my nutrient intake and the DRI Goal Range. The recommendations of nutrient intake for the DRI are 45%-65% for carbohydrates, 10%-35% for proteins, and 20%-35% for fats. In my current diet I am getting around 56% of carbohydrates, 16% of protein, and 29% of fats. I suppose that it is healthy to be in the middle of all three of these ranges
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Nutritional Analysis - Nutritional Analysis For as long as...

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