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MGT 3000 Study Guide Test 2 - decision making •...

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MGT 3000 Study Guide Test 2 Chapters 6 – 10 Differentiate between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs Define partnership, sole proprietorship and corporation Understand functional organizations structure and the stages of growth Differentiate between strategic, tactical and operational goals Which concept links lower-level goals to higher-level goals Understand the difference between domestic strategy, global strategy, transnational  strategy and multidomestic strategy Differentiate the components of a SWOT analysis Understand the categories of the BCG matrix and their relationship to market share and  growth Understand the normative and descriptive models in decision making Understand the characteristics of the administrative, classical and political models of 
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Unformatted text preview: decision making • Understand the steps in the decision making process • Understand the scalar principle and unity of command • Differentiate flat and tall organizational structures • Understand matrix departmentalization • Understand the stable organizational environment • Differentiate the various types of production and workflow technology • Differentiate between horizontal processes and departmental functions • Describe the activities that lead to MBO success • Explain the three grand strategies for domestic operations • Compare and contrast the three levels of strategy in an organization • Describe the three strategies managers focus on to remain competitive • Describe the four basic assumptions of the political model...
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MGT 3000 Study Guide Test 2 - decision making •...

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