His wife leda has given birth to helen the most

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Unformatted text preview: United States, where Spanish and English have mingled for almost 200 years). •  Words from other languages. Easily Confused Words biweekly/semiweekly unconscionable/unconscious tortuous/tortured (torturous) 2 12/6/13 The Trojan War LaNn Phrases primus inter pares :  “first among equals” ab ovo :  “from the egg” = from the beginning carpe diem :  “enjoy [seize] the day” caveat emptor :  “let the buyer beware” quid pro quo :  “something for something” “;lick auf das brennende Troja” [“A view of Burning Troy”] Johann Georg Trautmann (1713 ­69) Background to Trojan War The Oath of Tyndareus •  Tyndareus is King of Sparta. •  His wife, Leda, has given birth to Helen, the most beauNful of all woman (the father is Zeus, who visited Leda as a swan). •  Everyone wants to marry her. •  He's worried about the violence that will arise w...
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