Mammillary bodies amygdala loop in puts out puts

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Unformatted text preview: alamus, hypothalamus cingulate cortex +ventral striatum(BG Review) Outputs: Mainly through entorhinal corte . Mammillary bodies + Amygdala loop In puts Out puts EmoQon and rewarding •  Theories of EmoQons •  An alternaQve theory – Cannon- Bard (cat/ sham rage) •  Amygdala lesion/ Kluver- Bucy syndrome/ Urbach- Wiethe Disease (to recognize different facial expressions ) QuesQon here: which cranial nerve responsible for controlling facial expression muscles? •  Rewarding: emoQon- related learning/ decision making (project to hippocampus) Hippocampus- learning & memory (connecQon and circuitry) •  Memory basics/ Types of memory...
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