Paper assignment one, french revolution

Paper assignment one, french revolution - Bryan Amaral...

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Bryan Amaral 1492666 History 101 Paper One Assignment Between 1789 and 1792 France experienced immense transformations in its social, political and economic makeup. I relished these changes being just a poor baker, and member of the Third Estate, I now found myself and other fellow commoners with much more authority within France. Before the restructuring the Third Estate had little to no say in any of France’s political or economic makeup even though the commoners make up the majority of the population. The peasants alone account for about eighty percent of the total population! I consider myself a strong advocate of this revolution as a member of the Third Estate because up until then we received a constant abuse and oppression from the other estates, the clergy and nobility, and this revolution presented us with an opportunity to make a difference in France’s political, social, and economic structure. Events and documentations such as the abolition of feudalistic order and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen have provided the Third Estate with social and economic equality. Also the formation of the National Assembly presented the Third Estate with political permanence seeing several deputies of the clergy transfer to the Third Estate. With this revolution and formation of such rules and organizations, the Third Estate established itself as the majority, which is what we essentially are. Before the revolution France’s economy was experiencing a steady decline and government finances were crashing due to wars and fiscal privileges received by only the first two estates. At this time we the commoners had very little effect on government
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influence despite accounting for ninety seven percent of the population. We wanted to
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Paper assignment one, french revolution - Bryan Amaral...

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