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critical tihnking assignment 1 - Erik Jones 3541 # H...

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  Erik Jones 3541 # H Lynhaven Drive Greensboro, NC  27406 Phone:  (301) 509-7324 E-mail: [email protected] Date: January 18, 2008 To: Keith C. Jones, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship From: Erik V. Jones. Senior Business Marketing Major Re: Critical Thinking Assignment #1 Karl Von Clausewitz had a great vision on the aspects and strategies of war. In his book,” On War” he talks about the best way in dealing with the enemy and taking out the enemy. In today’s business world competition is so fierce it can be close related to war, that Clausewitz concepts can be easily transitioned into business situations. When Clausewitz said “As long as the enemy is not defeated, he may defeat me”. (Clausewitz 181.) This quote relates to the business environment because as long as a company is still operational they have the potential to take away sales. As long as a company or cooperation has stores functionally operating, it could only take a mere idea or innovation to bring the company to the top of the market. While a company is still operating it is never a good idea to count them out .An implication like that can really help a company or corporation designing marketing plan because it could be the marketing plan that would possibly wipe out my competition. Many times major companies and corporations often get comfortable at the top of the market and that’s when
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critical tihnking assignment 1 - Erik Jones 3541 # H...

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