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lecture 13 - IED Lecture 13 Class Goals Present your...

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Unformatted text preview: IED Lecture 13 Class Goals Present your Project Plan Obtain approval to proceed to build prototype Product Safety IED Present your Project Plan 20 minutes per team 5 minutes for questions and comments IED Product Safety How can a user get hurt ? How can you the designer prevent it ? Designers in practice are responsible for safety ! Ethics are important ! IED Product Safety Usual safety problems occur at Pinch Points They cannot all be eliminated You need to guard them Warning Labels not enough IED Product Safety Pinch Points IED Guarded Pinch Points Use Guards and Doors or Light Curtains Ethical Decision Making & Design There are a number of ethical considerations to take into account during the design process. Safety of the public/Do no harm. What are potential risks and possible harms to individuals using the design. Is the design itself "safe"? What risks are associated with the building & testing of the design? Accurate & Robust Reporting of Data Can your results be repeated? Recognition of prior work associated with the design Give credit where credit is due. Site all sources. ...
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