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Unformatted text preview: IED Session 2b Outline Design Process Teamwork Project Planning Work on Mini Design Project IED Your Problem Solving History 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read the problem Find the formula that fits Find numbers or values Plug in values and calculate State the numerical solution Design is open ended IED Businesses need new products How do they develop them ? Who develops them ? Do they all succeed ? What are the steps? IED IED Simplified Design Problem Solving Steps 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Understand the Problem Collect all relevant data/info Define feasible alternatives Identify criteria for decision making Evaluate each alternative Select the "best" alternative Implement and monitor IED IED IED Engineering design is an iterative process (see video on LMS) Be prepared to iterate to optimize your design Analytical models are used to validate our understanding and reduce the cost of iteration Prototypes are used for guidance and to confirm our understanding of the design Consistency between analytical models and prototypes build confidence in the system design. IED IED From your past experiences ... What are some common problems with design? What are the potential risks and pitfalls? IED Common Design Problems Unclear problem definition Lack of customer inputs Wrong concept solution Product failure Conflicting design parameters Lack of teamwork Wrong technology High cost Poor planning Late to market Over budget Logistics (i.e., getting stuff) Poor quality control IED What's wrong with older technology? Slow? Cumbersome? Not enough memory? New technology offers engineers the opportunity to improve the performance of a system design IED Caveat: Putting invention on a timeline can be risky Design takes time What can be done to help ? What would you do as a team ? IED IED IED Teamwork is Essential How do you decide who is on your team? Do you have sufficient resources? How will you communicate? How will you keep everyone working together and on track? IED IED IED IED Work on Mini Project Do you have a project plan? What are the system components? Do you have a work breakdown structure? How long will it take to design, analyze, build, and test each system components? What can be done in parallel? What must be done in series? IED ...
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