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Unformatted text preview: IED Lecture 5 Class Goals Your Mini Project Status Concept Generation Concept Selection Methods Develop Visual Representation Assign Technical Memos IED Your Mini Project Status Select best concept Start building mockup Use IED Lab Tech Memo due Lec 6 on your design and methodology 2-3 minute oral Status Report Lec 6 Design Reviews Lec 7 and 8 IED Oral Status Report Lec 6 2-3 minutes Use Posters or Transparencies IED What is a Concept ? An approximate description of the technology, working principles and form of the product Usually expressed as a sketch or a rough 3D model Accompanied by a brief textual description IED Importance of Concept Generation A good concept is sometimes poorly implemented, but a poor concept can rarely be manipulated to achieve commercial success IED Concept Generation Look at a range of concepts that span from High Tech to how it may have been done 100 years ago Some "old" solutions can resurface for new applications and appear exciting to customer IED IED Squirrel power Concepts on Concepts Generation An effective development team will generate hundreds of concepts, of which 5 to 20 will merit serious consideration during concept selection IED Concepts on Concepts Generation Good concept generation leaves the team with confidence that the full "space" of alternatives has been explored IED Concepts on Concepts Generation Thorough exploration of alternatives reduces the likelihood that the team will stumble upon a superior concept later in the development process IED Common problems include: Consideration of only one or two alternatives, often proposed by the most assertive team member(s) Failure to carefully consider competitor concepts IED Common problems include: Involvement of only one or two people in the process, resulting in a lack of confidence and commitment by the rest of the team IED Common problems include: Ineffective integration of promising "partial" solutions Failure to consider entire categories of solutions IED Concept to Open Popcorn Bag Let's Brainstorm concepts now List them without negative comments Remind us of the need first IED Mini Project Popcorn Opener Used to open microwave bags Fast acting Cheap IED IED Popcorn Opener - Needs Open a bag Not effected by steam Lightweight Can be easily cleaned IED Popcorn Opener - Metrics Open a bag Not effected by steam Lightweight Can be easily cleaned IED 3 to 5 lbs 212 deg F 1 to 3 lbs Waterproof in sink, i.e. (Low pressure) Approaches to Concept Selection Team generates only one concept Concept options selected by customer or stakeholder Team leader decides Intuition and subjective criteria ("it feels right") IED Approaches to Concept Selection List of pros and cons for each concept Prototype and test each concept Decision matrices BEST IED Concept Selection - Popcorn Bag Let's list Pro's and Con's of each concept Rate them relative to baseline What would we select ? IED Develop Visual Representation Type of representation depends on your design/product Use tools you already know for IED IED Develop Visual Representation Select ONE or more of these: CAD model System Schematic Circuit Diagram Flowchart Depending on product IED Visual Representation You are attempting to make the reader understand what you will or have done Balance easy to understand with the required details Detailed CAD dimensions may or may not be useful IED Visual Representation Use colors and diagrams where useful You need to keep audience awake This is not easy to do, but no jokes either IED Assign Tech Memo 4 5 pages Includes Visual Representations You will present this material orally Lec 6 Keep it technical, informative but lively IED Tech Memo Help Tech Writing Handout on web Sample report with writing instructor's comments along side on web Typed is required IED ...
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