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Unformatted text preview: IED Lecture 9 Class Goals Team Formation PD 1 will start team exercises Wednesday ! Discuss Mini Project results Start work on Team Project IED Team Formation How Done Results of Mini Project efforts Skills Survey PD 1 Instructor input Goal of balancing teams Not a balance of all Engineering Disciplines ! IED Mini Project results How did the Design process Assist you ? Hinder you ? Did it produce a better design ? How can it be done better for the Team Project ? IED Start work on Team Project Team Project info handout Identify Potential Customers Conduct a Needs Analysis Investigating Past Work IED Identify Potential Customers It is difficult to visit a random Middle School without a personal contact So we are doing the next best thing IED Identify Potential Customers We will have a panel discussion of several local 8th Grade Science and Technology Teachers soon Best way to understand the customers ! IED Identify Potential Customers You were a customer 5 7 years ago What do you remember ? Any friends or relatives to ask ? IED ...
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