history final study!!!! - Aristotle 384-322 BC philosopher...

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Aristotle - 384-322 BC philosopher, student of Plato, and teacher of Alexander the Great, wrote on Physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, logic, rhetoric politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology; thinking of physics and science had impact on medieval thought, lasted until Ren, 1 st formal study of logic, ideas shape modern Orthodox Christian ideas as well as Islamic and Jewish religions, believed that philosophers could rely on their senses to provide accurate information about the world and then depend on reason to sort out its mysteries Chivalry - European medieval concept, a code of conduct for the knights based on loyalty and honor, church officials promoted code in an effort to curb fighting within Christendom, the noble who observed the code would devote himself to the causes of order, piety, and the Christian faith, women went about spreading its values, but emphasizing the refined behavior and respectful relations between the sexes Crusades - series of military conflicts with religious ideas driving the war, mostly were put in place by the pope, pope Urban II launched these crusades in 1095, vast military campaigns intended to recapture Jerusalem and other sites holy to Christians from Muslims Franciscans - people in the Roman Catholic and Anglican orders which follow a body of regulations known as the rule of St. Francis Eleanor of Aquitaine - duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and countess of Poitou, one of wealthiest and powerful women in Europe during high Middle Ages, better known for involvement in Crusades *** Gothic Cathedrals - Guilds - organizations, whose membership is based on occupation, often regulate the production and sale
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history final study!!!! - Aristotle 384-322 BC philosopher...

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