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Abdulwahab Alkhudhari R/W: Lv4.1 Kuwait vs. US No one can deny that on the surface Kuwait is similar to the US and no matter from where people look at it, they will never be able to say which one is better. Because no one is able to distinguish Kuwait Culture from the US Culture. Kuwaiti culture in the latest year is becoming more and more like the US Culture in much aspect. In addition, I am sure that in the next five or 10 years all of the cultures around the world are going to collide into one big culture. Nevertheless, deep down inside there are a lot differences actually, Such as the Education, individualism and food. Education in Kuwait is very different from the education in US in many ways. For example in Kuwait, schools are not gender mixed like the ones in the USA. Also in Kuwait student have to attend school from 7 am to 1:30, but in the US students stay for another hour and half in school. I cannot say which one is better because each has its pros and cons.
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