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KrishnaDevotion - ← Islam to India soon after death of...

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Devotion to Krishna 25/02/2008 10:12:00 Krishna’s mother (yashoda)  We can look at Krishna and expect to get an ordinary religious experience, but  we get much more Krishna is everything, THE lord Loves his devotees Reciprocal – Krishna loves his devotees, cares for them Ch 25 – Indra is angry at Krishna Indra is mistaken about Krishna  Krishna sees Indra as ignorance and proud Switches to Vishnu – Both Indra and Vishnu are Vedic Krishna/Vishnu beat Indra to protect his worshipers Mirabai   part of bhakti movement Different from bhakti yoga of BGita Poetic tradition – started in South India, used Tamil languages – not sanskrit- based – started 600 ce or so 12 ALVARS – poet-saints of Tamil bhakti moved north – Mirabai part of  northern tradition, active in early 1500s Religiously speaking what happened between 600-1100 period – Islam
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Unformatted text preview: ← Islam to India soon after death of Mohammad – by 1100 to 1200s • Muslim rulers in some states many many believers • Islam pushed out Buddhism ← Mirabai – traditional dates are 1450 – 1547 or 1500 ish onward ← Princess in Gujarat in southern Rajisthan • Resisted marriage and serving her husband • She was consorting with different Krishna devotees, spoke to all jaties, varnas, classes, something never done by an elite before ← Krishna is her husband ← Dharma is bhakti – devotion to him ← Human husband – no your dahrma is to serve me ← Poem 2 – p 246 in Krishna: a sourcebook ← Goes to meet other devotees – meets Ravidas, a leatherworker who she takes as her guru • Sings beautiful poems about krishna 25/02/2008 10:12:00 ← 25/02/2008 10:12:00 ←...
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KrishnaDevotion - ← Islam to India soon after death of...

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