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Approximately how many units does woodlawn need to

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Unformatted text preview: units would the company need to sell to earn $30,000 in net income? a 16,667 b 15,800 c 15,667 d 16,233 e 16,167 14 Assume this contribution margin income statement was the result of Woodlawn having sold its units at $20 apiece. Approximately how many units does Woodlawn need to sell at $20 each to breakeven? a 2,333 b 2,857 c 2,667 d 2,400 e 3,350 15 In 2011 Maxwell Company had total revenues of $200,000, variable costs of $105,000, and net income of $12,000. Approximately how much does Maxwell need in sales to raise its net income to $30,000 in 2012? a $233,333 b $237,895 c $216,667 d $230,000 e $218,000 16 Moores Co. has a total cost function of y = mx + b. If b = $50,000 and Moore's total cost was $120,000 to produce 5,000 units, what is Moore's total cost per unit? a $14 b $25 c $24 d $20 e None of the above 17 In 2011, Victor Inc. sold a product which had a fixed cost per unit of $11, variable cost per unit of $24, and a sales price of $44 per unit. The total fixed costs for the company were $98,000 during 2011. What is the company's approximate breakeven point in sales dollars? a $233,333 b $245,682 c $266,667 d $215,600 e $240,000 18 Which of the following transactions increases total assets? a Selling land for the amount it was origi...
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