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In exam the heading the answer for your answers you

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Unformatted text preview: ernatives provided. In exam. The heading the answer for your answers, you mustnswer them among machine-readable answer sheet provided. Answers your sheet should be completed as follows: first name. your Write your last name first, followed mark on the the answer sheet name on be completed as follows: should the very by your the exam itself will not be considered in grading the exam. The answer sheet should be o n first name. Fill in theWrite your e as follows: blocks on th name as follows: very c ompleted form on the very top of the page, above all the boxes. Write your last name of the all the boxes. Write your last name the Fill in theWrite your name as follows: name. the page, above all the boxes.. Write your last name fblocks on the form on th e irst top of the page, above all the boxes Write your last name irst, followed by your f very your very Nthis (Last name (followed by a. first, In ame section write your name. space), Start writing in the block that is below. to the first name Name. followe...
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