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Unformatted text preview: the columns “k” the front exam youturn both in the bubbles below your to t he exam have in thisplace your numbers are“k”the front Whenand“o”.iolation of examand answer class in work ifnumber itime),you leave theroom.sheetEXAM your Fill the the your section number. The section numbers are at section answer NO behind at The section violation are at the “o” . Fill the T oo”. both in the bubbles below your section all exam you leave or ambiguity on the f the MATERIALS MAY LEAVE and questions duringsection in If you discover an errornumbers are atthe front exam andot ask the exam proctors answer sheet in to theturn number. as he section anumbers of EXAM front turn room. Do n of the room.exam THIS ROOM. Failure to exam. proctor materials isthe room. NO the Honor the exam Code. of the room. MATERIALS xam, make the best assumptionFailure to turn in all exam materials is a violation of the Honor e MAY LEAVE THIS ROOM. you can and continue working. calculators the Sharp EL 233S ( Sharp EL-233SB) You may not use sc...
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