The numbers here are multiple section writename your

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Unformatted text preview: our number in columns (k through o).the numbers here are multiple section writename your section version onwriting in sheetblock that is furthest versions of thisyour exam. the answer the by entering an “A” In If your n your in Start writing in the block the bubblesyour I.U. user name the user name. addition to letters, write that is furthest has t ame.left. thisbelow. See example at I.U. numbers in addition to letters, write the numbers i n o the left. I space of the “Name” section front of the room. on Fill answer“A”write the numbers i letters, Tbthe very last f section titled “name has on your answer sheet. theton the in the by entering anBe the here to arein the “Student I.D. Number”. numbers version thewriting in write thelock..Seein If your I.U. of this exam. Indicate your in additionfto letters, bubble below. in addition irst b f irst b sure elow multiple versions user Student I.D. Number”. Start writing sheet f irst b lock B e sure Start sure eA” in thehere frontspacetitled “Student exam. on writing inversion on ll lock....
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