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free play energy - have to keep replacing costly batteries...

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The free play energy company was first started up by Christopher Stains who first realized that there were a need for communication in undeveloped area’s in Africa . He teamed up with Rory Stear. They first called their business Bayden Power industries. They both had a vision that they could make self sufficient electronics far beyond radio that could have countries that didn’t have an abundant amount of electricity available. The first started their business in Cape Town, South Africa, soon getting a grant by the British government and getting many investors such as general electric and the South African Growth Fund. With all these new changes they decided to change there name in 1999 to Free Play energy. Free Play energy produces a wide range of products that work on their on power. Besides the self sufficient radio in which free play energy is known for the put out a lot of other products such as flashlights,lanterns,mobile phone chargers and foot powered generators. These products are much better then ordinary models sold because you don’t
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Unformatted text preview: have to keep replacing costly batteries or find electricity which is scarce in lesser developed countries. Free Play has a very big market potential because a lot of Africa is still widely undeveloped and could use devices that run off their own power.People who are miles awawy from electricity or can’t afford batteries would be the ideal person to buy these products.These products should be widely spread threw our Africa, and South America because these area’s have a much higher demand of such products. Free play energy has many competitors all over the world. In the United States such competition consists of Richard Solo Company, Eclipse Company, and the Dandy Company. The Competition outside the United States Consists of EnviroDaq in the United Kingdom, Frank Rooney in England, and Deshield Bates from British coloumbia. Even tho Free play energy has all these competitors they still have the best reputation out of all of other companies....
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