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ethnography essay1 - Cultural Anthropology Chapter 1 1....

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Cultural Anthropology Chapter 1 1. Sosúa had its beginnings as a “banana plantation for the United Fruit Company and then as a settlement for European Jewish refugees during World War II,” however now it is seen as a hotspot for tourists (Brennan, 53). From such humble beginnings the transnational affect of foreigners can be seen in its transformation from a working town to a widely exploited tourism location. Sex tourism has had a particular part in the globalization of Sosúa, which partly accounts for the transnational characteristic of the city. Foreign white tourist come to Sosúa looking for a good time and cheap sex, transnationalism is shown simply in the temporary relocation simply for the exotic goods that they can’t find or don’t want to pay for in their own community. 2. In the developing world, opportunities are much more limited than that of other places. The sex workers of Sosúa are aware of that and most work in an attempt to compensate for that discrepancy. Through their work, the sex workers must put on a “performance of love” that will hopefully play to the whims of a tourist willing to monetarily raise the worker into better standings (Brennan, 17). The Dominican women are sex workers know what they want and how to achieve it; they want socioeconomic stability found in the money of a foreigner willing to
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ethnography essay1 - Cultural Anthropology Chapter 1 1....

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