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one child essay-Abigail julian

Introduction to Special Education: Making a Difference (Book Alone) (6th Edition)

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Abigail Julian One Child by Torey Hayden 1/30/08 EDU 290 P. Pritchard The book One Child , by Torey Hayden, is the story of a young girl who has had a terrible albeit short life. She has behavioral issues, along with emotional issues that complicate her. The girl, named Sheila, has been placed in several different schools and was removed for her behavioral issues. She is originally placed in Torey’s class while awaiting a spot in a hospital facility. Torey already had the maximum number of children in her class, and she took Sheila in despite that. This story is one of an exceptional child and an exceptional teacher who took the opportunity to change a child’s life. At first, Sheila did not seem like a student that would be successful. “She was six and a half, almost: a tiny little mite of a thing with matted hair, hostile eyes, and a very bad smell. Clad in worn denim overalls and a well-faded boy’s striped T-shirt, she looked lie one of those kids in the Save the Children ads” (17). When people see a child like this, many make assumptions. The teacher may think that she is very poor, uneducated, and that their parents are as well. A person may even judge the child’s ability in the classroom before getting to know them. What educators must remember is that a child is like a book, you cannot judge it by the cover. No matter how a child may seem, the mind of a child is inside and cannot be seen from the outside. “I had stopped making comments some time back.
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one child essay-Abigail julian - Abigail Julian One Child...

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