Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible - The battle scene surprised me. I didnt...

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Russia to 1860 Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible depicts, fairly accurately, the time in Ivan’s life following his coronation. The coronation itself is also shown. The ceremony was much more lavish and religiously centered than I would have thought it to be. I also found it interesting to see how many enemies Ivan had. Even at his coronation, people were discussing how he would fail. His own aunt Efrosinia and his cousin Vladimir watched his coronation and discussed how they could defeat him. In the film, the boyars were depicted as absolutely evil. Ivan will stop at nothing to stop them. In this struggle he gains the support of commoners, in particular a man named Alexei Basmanov, whose son would become the first of the Oprichnina. Basmanov travels with Ivan to Kazan in order to battle the Tartars there.
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Unformatted text preview: The battle scene surprised me. I didnt realize that the battle was such a long and drawn out siege. Also, I didnt expect the Russians to use as much gunpowder and artillery as they had. Gunpowder had still been fairly new in Europe in the 16 th century. The use of the gunpowder by digging underneath the city and planting it in the tunnel also surprised me. I didnt realize they would have used such a technique to end the siege more quickly than it would have normally ended. While Ivan was ill, I was taken aback to see that his aunt and cousin were already discussing Vladimirs ascension to the throne following Ivans death. He was to become the boyar tsar. At the same time, Ivans friend, Kurbsky, was struggling to decide whether his loyalties lied with Ivan or with the Boyars....
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