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1. The article would be cited at the end of a report in the following way: Cipollini, Don, Randall Stevenson, and Kendra Cipollinit. "Contrasting effects of allelochemicals from two invasive plants on the performance of a nonmycorrhizal plant.(Author abstract)(Report)." International Journal of Plant Sciences 169.3 (March- April 2008): 371(5). Expanded Academic ASAP . Gale. University of Pittsburgh Libraries. 17 Mar. 2008 <>.
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Unformatted text preview: Within the document it would be cited by the authors name and page number referenced 2. The allelopathic interaction discussed is whether or not aqueous leaf extracts of Alliaria petiolata and Lonicera maackii affected growth and reproduction of a target nonmycorrhizal plant and whether effects varied across a soil fertility gradient....
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