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Authoritarian parenting emotional autonomy can be

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Unformatted text preview: horitarian Parenting & Emotional Autonomy Can be predictive of the stereotypical adolescent defiance and rebelliousness. Adolescents from these homes tend to have low selfconfidence and lack maturity. Some may also have difficulty with autonomy because they’ve never had a role in decision making within the household. Behavioral Autonomy and Development of Decision Making Early in adolescence, there is a tendency to underestimate the probability of negative outcomes. Short-term rewards have a heavy weight in decisions. By middle to late adolescence, decision-making shows marked improvements. By late adolescence, decision processes are similar to those of adults. These changes reflect cognitive development. With improvements in deductive reasoning, there is enhanced ability to consider possibilities and consequences of actions. Development of Behavioral Autonomy Behavioral 17 Changes in Decision-Making Changes Abilities Abilities How do decision-making How abilities improve from 7th to 12th grade? 12th Older adolescents showed Older more sophisticated abilities in: in: awareness of risks considering future considering consequences consequences turning to a consultant Legal Decision-Making Legal 18 When do adolescents make decisions as well as When adults? adults? Debate about young people’s abilities to make Debate decisions in the real world decisions Where should we draw the legal boundary Where between adolescence and adulthood? between Difficult debate because decision-making is Difficult product of cognitive abilities and psychosocial factors factors Develop along somewhat different Develop timetables timetables Developmental Progression in Influence of the Peer Group Peer group norms have a modest influence during early and middle childhood. The peer group is fairly influential during early and middle adolescence. Peak of influence is probably during middle school years. Developmental Progression in Influence of the Peer Group (cont.) Influence of peer pressure declines in middle to late adolescence. Across developme...
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