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The article “Are You Being Tracked” briefly explains the many ways people use location enabled and other tracking devices. A location enabled device can be put in many valuable things. Many are embedded into cars, clothing, product labels, etc. Global positioning devices, or GPS, use receivers inside mobile devices to transmit the location of that certain device. A GPS is one way in terms of communicating; the satellites in space transmit to the device, not the other way. Cellular phones determine location from where they are broadcast. Position can roughly be determined from what cellular tower the phone is transmitting to. It can only find a location within 50-150 meters. Wireless transmissions are used in cellular devices, rental cars, children, and criminals. RFID technology is a computer chip that responds to frequencies. RFID can be implanted into people or pets and can be tucked away in clothing or other essential items. RFID was made for warehouses to scan their shipment without removing them from crates and boxes. It became
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