Who is Stealing My Signals

Who is Stealing My Signals - sharing internet can lead to...

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This article is about how people can get free Wi-Fi at some places and can potentially steal it from other people. It talks about how a man in Florida was charged a third degree felony for stealing wireless internet. They also talk about how some people share their wireless and how that would affect companies such as Time Warner and AT&T. Also, they teach us how to make a Wi-Fi antenna out of wires and Pringles cans. Some free web advocates envision a nationwide web of connected Wi-Fi’s so that everyone can have it without huge expenses. Most people who share their Wi-Fi do it to be nice, not to make a profit or sell it. People sharing internet is only making it harder to get it because companies are tightening up their licensing agreements. But
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Unformatted text preview: sharing internet can lead to many problems such as downloading of illegal materials, email threats, and stealing financial information. My dad set our Wi-Fi up with a password so no one can feed off of it. Everyone should do that so they can not be the victim of any of these horrible things. I personally have never accessed a free LAN and I never plan to do so. I think that rouge LAN’s can personally pass ISP’s because of them being free and easily accessed. And I don’t believe it is good for providers to limit their services to a “one subscription, one customer” agreement. Because if some people want to share their LAN I believe they have the right too....
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