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extra credit business 3!!!

extra credit business 3!!! - Clare Gersh INDV 102 Sec 43...

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Clare Gersh INDV 102 Sec 43 4/8/08 Extra Credit #3 Privatization of Social Security There have been many debates on what should be privatized or if anything at all. While searching through Time Magazine I found an article about the debate about privatizing social security. This to many people seems like a bad idea, but to others it could be great since social security is supposed to disappear before we even know it. Throughout the article it talks about how Barack Obama is saying that Hillary Clinton will not share her honest opinion about social security and what should happen with it (Tumulty 1). It has been a great debate between the two for a while now. In the article it states that the Bush administration once tried to privatize the social security system, but was very unsuccessful (Tumulty 2). Hilary Clinton is accusing Obama of trying to do the same thing with the system. In one of our lectures we discussed privatizing social security accounts and how reasonable the idea was. To some it is very reasonable, but to others such as our main authors Madison and Smith it
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