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The existence of water on Earth makes life possible

The existence of water on Earth makes life possible -...

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Though water consumes more than 70 percent of the Earths surface, over 97 percent is saltwater. Less than 3 percent is freshwater, and only a tiny fraction is available for human use. Water is a renewable resource that continually circulates between the atmosphere and the earths surface. The way we use, pollute, and plan may have a negative outcome in the future, thus causing a “water crisis”. The existence of water on Earth makes life possible. In society today the quality and quantity of water is just as important as the other. This contributes to humans, commercial and industrial uses. Dissolved salts, plant and animal waste, and bacteria must be removed before water can be consumed by humans. Shortages of freshwater throughout the world can be directly pointed toward human pollution. Water pollution has affected our supply of water throughout the world. More then one billion people in the world lack access to clean water. According to the U.N.E.P. 5 million to 10 million deaths every year result in water-related diseases. Illnesses like cholera, malaria, dengue fever and dysentery are just a few. Water supplies are distributed unevenly around the world. Some areas contain more water and others have a more limited supply. There are many different uses for water. Water use differs around the world, pending on availability of it. The uses of water are put in to four categories: domestic, agricultural, industrial , and in-stream. Some uses are able to be consumed, while others are not. Over 90 percent of the water used domesticly in North America come from purification, and distribution facilities. Domestic use of water requires a great deal of it. Some examples are drinking, air conditioning, bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes,
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flushing toilets, and watering lawns and gardens. Each person in a North American home
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