09-18-07 notes - • In goods and services o Need to be...

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09/18/07 Industry analysis Operations management Production process Supply chain Contract management/outsourcing/offshore - Commercial potential, fill unmet need, make profit- when become successful Industry Sector Market Segment Niche - most specific Ski apparel/access. Gloves childrens novelty Yoga equipment mats high-end rubber Forecast demand - use surveys, look at competition- look at stock, if making money trend businesses- o look at trend companies o look at blackboard at external links Operations management in charge of making raw materials finished product what kind of product process to use: o made to order, mass customization, or mass production near skill labor, good taxes in area- places to put factory Controls develop schedules- operations ppl coordinate this handle qualitative aspect- Nike o implemented software too quickly o $400 million paid for this program o Air Garnetts not Air Force Ones o Stock dropped 20%- sued Nike
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Unformatted text preview: • In goods and services o Need to be near customer o Can’t be in nowhere, near city o Customized service o Services gone offshore- not face to face anymore Market Share • Start segmented- Nike track world • 3 million joggers in US • 600,000 are in Florida- can capture 5%- don’t go higher than 5% Nike’s Supply Chain • The right product, the right place, the right time, the right price Develop a Line take orders plan production manufacture products shipped to Nike (design stage) (from retailers) design 213 shoes Warehouses Design 400 Sneakers Customer Retailers Nike Contract Manufacturers • Cheapest to do overseas • Started in Japan, Caribbean, Central America, Asia, India, Africa, Israel • Always want cheaper price good china • Villages lose all when a company does manufacturing in different country...
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09-18-07 notes - • In goods and services o Need to be...

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