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Unformatted text preview: stions below: C palu min a ,solid = 106.6 + 0.0178T C pBi,solid = 18.8 + 0.023T ! J K " mole C pBi,liquid = 20 + 0.00615T ! J K " mole J K " mole ! 3.012 PS 2 alu Tm min a = 2327K ! ! Bi Tm = 544 K Bi "H m = 10, 900 ! 3 of 6 10/4/05 J mole a. What is the final temperature of the system? b. How much heat is transferred to the alumina? c. At the final equilibrium, is the bis muth liquid or solid? d. Consider now the same proc ess, except that the adiabatic walls are remov ed. The closed system (c an exc hange heat…) of the bismuth in the alumina container is plac ed in a large room at T = 298 K, whic h behav es as a heat reservoir- it can transfer heat out of the system (or into it, depending on the temperat ures of the reserv oir and the system). At equilibrium, the bis muth and alumina will reach a final temperature of 298 K to match the env ironment of the room. How much heat will leav e the bis muth to reac h equilibrium? a. Because the crucible and liquid bis mut h are enclosed by adiabatic wa...
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