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Unformatted text preview: e change that occurs when the 100, 698 J of heat are absorbed by the system: "S = # p ! n"H# %& ' ( 1373 nC nC p& n"H & %' 1409 nC p n"H' %( 1533 nC p dT + +$ dT + +$ dT + +$ dT $ 993K 1373K 1373 T 1409K 1409 T 298 T 993 T 993 We account for the entropy of transition for each phase transformation cross ed in the process with the terms containing the enthalpy and temperatures of transition. Plugging in and carrying out t! integrations: he "S = 119.1 J K d. Our c alculation in part (a) tells us that the delt a phase is the final equilibrium struct ure of the system. ! 2. Twenty kg of liquid bis muth at 600 K is introduc ed into a 10 kg alumina (Al2O3) c rucible (initial temperature 298K), filling the crucible t o the top; the crucible and bis muth are then surrounded by adiabatic walls (illustrated below). At equilibrium, according to t he z eroth law, the temperatures of the bis muth and alumina crucible must be equal. Us e the following thermody namic data to ans wer the que...
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