course hero 2 - The Human Right Versus Wrong What are...

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The Human Right Versus Wrong What are morals? Morals are the principles and habits that people employ in dealing with right and wrong. Though children should be learning about these principles at a young age, it seems as though morality is not being taught at all. Parents are responsible for teaching their children right from wrong, but what if a child’s parents are absent or unfit to advise? Schools should have a hand in teaching morality because a school’s job is to educate in a comprehensive manner, to develop the student as a whole person (knowledge as well as behaviors, morals, ethics, et cetera), in order to prepare students for the real working world. Education should not be one-dimensional. While schools teach the specific information that a person needs to get a job or start a career, they do not teach moral conduct and how a person is to act at work. Before one can work with other people, one must first learn how to treat other people. In an article entitled “Seven Worlds of Moral Education” written by Pamela Bolotin Joseph and Sara Efron and published in the journal PHI DELTA KAPPAN, The Book of Virtues , by William Bennett, is mentioned as an influence to what people should be learning about with regards to morality. Bennett states that "self-discipline, compassion, responsibility,
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course hero 2 - The Human Right Versus Wrong What are...

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