course hero 3 - Explication of "Dreams of...

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Explication of “Dreams of Suicide” In 1980, William Meredith wrote what he called a “sorrowful memory of Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, and John Berryman” (Kirzner & Mandell, 1043) into a poem he titled “Dreams of Suicide”. All three of these people were famous authors who took their own lives in different ways. Meredith takes the role of each author to describe the last few moments of their lives in his own words. This poem is made up of three stanzas, each pertaining to Hemingway, Plath, and Berryman, respectively. Meredith is the speaker in this poem because this is how he dreamed about and envisioned those last moments of the author’s lives. This is spoken in fiction, since Meredith was not with the authors at the time of their deaths. Stanza I depicts the death of Ernest Hemingway. Speaking as Hemingway, Meredith opens the poem at the exact moment Hemingway reaches for his gun. In stanza II, Meredith shifts roles from Hemingway to Sylvia Plath. The final stanza, III, Meredith becomes John Berryman. With five lines in the first stanza, four lines in the second stanza, and six lines in the third
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course hero 3 - Explication of "Dreams of...

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