Study Guide Chapters 6-8 (Autosaved)

Study Guide Chapters 6-8 (Autosaved) - Study Guide Chapters...

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Study Guide Chapters 6-8 How to study 1. Define the following (and know all there is to know about each term: why, where, when and what!): “terms” on page 114, 130,147 2. Go through the “Test yourself” at the end of each chapter. 3. Outline (take notes) when reading the chapters, then study, quiz yourself, draw diagrams…. 4. Find a study group. 5. Look at what is listed as the Student Learning Objectives for this unit in course packet. Chapter 6: Active site ATP and ADP ATP synthase complex chemiosmosis Enzyme Active site Allosteric site Coenzyme Electron acceptors: NAD+, NADP+ Vitamin Cofactor Energy of activation Enzyme inhibition Induced fit model Substrate denatured Reaction Reactant Product Coupled reactions Exergonic – produces energy Endergonic – requires energy Feedback inhibition Metabolic pathway Oxidation Reduction Phosphorylation Energy of activation Metabolism Energy Kinetic Potential Chemical mechanical Free enegy Heat
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Laws of Thermodynamics I (Law of Conservation) and II Entropy Electron transport system What affects Enzymatic speed Photosynthesis Cellular respiration Chapter 7: Photosynthetic organisms C3 plants – typical flowering plants, uses RuBP carboxylase, resorts to photorespiration when necessary
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Study Guide Chapters 6-8 (Autosaved) - Study Guide Chapters...

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