5 - Psych Theories on origin of emotion-Schachter's...

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Psych. 11/5/07 Theories on origin of emotion - Schachter’s Two-Factor theory Physiological arousal + cognitive label = emotion Ex.- scaring wife, then saying I love you. She feels more love. Spillover effect- shots told they were going to affect or not. Physiological arousal fuels emotion, and cognition channels it. If you can attribute feeling to something else (caffine), you wont feel emotion Nonverbal Communication Gazing- Would we feel attraction if we gazed into the eyes of a stranger? People who were asked to gaze into one another’s eyes expresses more of a spark or an attraction, compared to those who just stared into another’s hand. Can we hide our emotions? 2 groups watched a movie. One asked to suppress emotions, the others allowed to let loose. The group that was allowed to feel emotions remembered much more detail about the movie. If we were to put a handful of faces in a “Where’s Waldo” type setting, which would we see first? Happy or angry? Angry faces pop out more. They suggest danger and aggression, so we find them in order to avoid them and protect ourselves. We see anger and fear when we look in somebody’s eyes. We are more likely to determine happiness when we look into another’s mouth. Some individuals are better at reading emotions than others. Who’s better? Introverts (loners) vs. Extroverts (outgoing)- Introverted people are better at detecting emotions. They sit on the sidelines and watch people more than others. However, extroverted people are easier to read . Women vs. men- Women are better at reading emotions. But, it’s a relatively minute difference. No biological research suggests that woman should be able to read emotion better than men. Culture and emotional expression - Gestures In some countries, different hand symbols mean different things. -
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5 - Psych Theories on origin of emotion-Schachter's...

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