30 - Psychology 11/30 Anxiety disorders-4...

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Psychology 11/30 Anxiety disorders -4 types -phobias -OCD -Explanation for Anxiety Disorders -learning perspective -classical and operant conditioning- classical is baby albert, operant is reinforcement -biological perspective -could have a predisposition or a genetic reason for having the disorder -Mood disorders -Major depressive disorder -an extreme form of depression. The “common cold” of pysh disorders. Not called this because of a lack of severity, but because anyone can get it. The number one reason why people go to mental health services. In order to be diagnosed, must last 2 weeks or more without any noticeable cause. Symptomns incluse being lethargic, feeling worthless, no interest in friends, families, or formerly enjoyed activities. Described as a combination of grief, and jet lag. -Mania -feelings of euphoria, hyperactive, wildliy optimistic, over talkative, no need to sleep, fewer sexual inhibitions. -Bipolar Disorder
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30 - Psychology 11/30 Anxiety disorders-4...

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