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John Feitelberg AMH 2097-08 Word Count: 1598 Before we delve too deeply into the issue at hand, reparations for African- Americans, let one thing ring loudly: we here at the Law Offices of Fetelberg, O’Neil, and Dunn are far from racists. We do not support reparations, and we take a firm stance on the matter. However, we do not deny reparations simply because it is African- Americans who feel they are owed. This law firm would decline restitutions to any and all citizens requesting them. There are an infinite amount of reasons why compensation for slavery should be denied; we will cover every one of these issues in time. Reparations are impossible to grant due to a vast and complex array of variables. Slavery was an unforgivable mistake, there is no arguing that. Slavery was wrong and inhumane; however issuing reparations would be irresponsibly opening Pandora’s box. The fallout that atonement to the African-American community would cause within other cultures is unimaginable. On page 204 of Randall Robinson’s book, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks , Robinson states that restitution is the only way to solve Americas racial dilemma: “If Bell is right that African Americans will not be compensated for the massive wrongs and social injuries inflicted upon them by their government, before and after slavery, then there is no chance that America can solve its racial problems.” This is as far from the truth as one could stray. The horrors that befell the African-American community are deplorable, however where do these payments to cultures hindered upon their arrival to the United States end? The very action of issuing money to African-Americans would cause great racial and cultural tension in these United States. Certainly, the Klu Klux
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Klan would rise again, and very powerfully, seeing that there would be an astronomical number of Americans who felt wronged by the government’s conduct. What about the Irish, whom had an extraordinarily difficult time finding work or acceptance once reaching American soil? America accepted one culture, and one culture only, with open arms. The Germans were easily accepted due to their white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant roots (Mikkelsen class notes). Hence, there are a great number of cultures in the United States that did not take the easy road here. None deserve restitution of any kind. But if these compensations are afforded to African-Americans, a gateway will be opened for all
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AMH-reparations - John Feitelberg AMH 2097-08 Word Count:...

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