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John Feitelberg Trent Fucci THE 2000 April 3, 2008 The Taming of the Shrew In order to prepare for our moment in the spotlight, our group employed a handful of different sources in order to get our performance to the level we desired it. Our attendance at The Tamer Tamed earlier this semester proved to be a wildly fortunate happenstance, as the actor’s portrayal of their roles served us in our own preparations. I personally found the actor who played Petruchio was particularly helpful to me. We were also lucky enough to have the good fortune of choosing a play that has been depicted in popular culture, in the box office hit 10 Things I Hate About You, starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. Other than viewing performances of films, I also took out a few books reviewing the play, and offering their advice on certain aspects of deeper meanings throughout the text. I will be honest and say I was less than excited about going to sit through the nearly three hour-long performance of The Tamer Tamed . However, once I arrived I became more and more enthused to be there as the show wore on. Now, as I reflect on the performance, I have come to realize that seeing that particular play was an extreme stroke of luck. Had I not chosen to see this distinct presentation, I would have very little idea on how to carry myself while performing. The actor whom depicted Petruchio taught me how I could better perform as my actor. The deep voice, misogynistic attitude, and overall condescending tone taught me a lot about the inner workings of my character’s mind. He is the ultimate “guy’s guy,” if you will. He has a resonant speech and broad
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chest that ooze masculinity. Whether or not it is a hoax, in order to keep his reputation, as
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THE2000shrew - John Feitelberg Trent Fucci THE 2000 April 3...

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