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Rock Sims English 101, Section 001 August 27, 2007 Writing Assignment 1: CR Chapter 1, Question 3 The problem with most college students in Skube’s essay is that they do not read enough for pleasure and because of this they lack the ability to comprehend many parts of the English language because they are not exposed to different ways of saying things and their vocabulary is lacking. Professor Skube goes on about how many students he has encountered do not understand many of the words he throws at them because they have never heard, and if they has, they have not bothered to find out the meaning. He says that students are not reading as much as they should and are not being taught the basics of the English language.
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Unformatted text preview: The Aggressive Reading techniques in Todd Hagstette’s essay would be useful for the students in Skube’s essay in a way that it would help them to not just read for the sake of reading and getting it over with, but they’d be able to read and see the deeper meaning in the work that they are reading. The students would also be re-reading passages, and using a dictionary and an encyclopedia type resource to help them understand allusions and concepts they have never heard of before. The students would then be able to expand their vocabulary and have a better handle on the English language as a whole....
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