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Unformatted text preview: the original stimulus Examples: Regulation of blood clotting, Uterine contractions during Anatomical Position Anatomical Position Body erect, feet slightly apart, palms facing forward, thumbs point away from the body Directional Terms Directional Terms Superior (Cranial) and Inferior (Caudal) – toward and away from the head or upper part of a structure ­ above and below­ Anterior (Ventral) and Posterior (Dorsal) – toward the front and back of the body ­ in front of and behind­ Medial, Lateral, and Intermediate – toward the midline, away from the midline, and between a more medial and lateral structure Directional Terms Directional Terms Directional Terms Directional Terms Directional Terms Directional Terms Proximal and Distal – closer to and farther from the origin of the body part or the point of attachment of a limb Superficial (External) and Deep (Internal) – toward and away from the body surface Directional Terms Directional Terms Regional Terms Regional Terms Axial – head, neck, and trunk Appendicular – appendages or limbs Specific regional terminology Regional Terms Regional Terms Body Planes Body Planes Body Planes Body Planes Sagittal and Medial – divides the body into right and left parts Midsagittal – sagittal plane that lies on the midline Frontal or Coronal – divides the body into anterior and posterior parts Transverse or horizontal (cross section) – divides the body into superior and inferior parts Oblique section – cuts made diagonally Bo...
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