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Most of the viscera abdominopelvicregions

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Unformatted text preview: to, containing, or producing serum - or a substance having a watery consistency Ventral Body Cavity Membranes Ventral Body Cavity Membranes Parietal serosa covering the body walls Visceral serosa covering the internal organs Serous fluid separates the serosae Nomenclature for Serous Membranes Nomenclature for Serous Membranes Pleura - the thin serous membrane around the lungs and inner walls of the chest Peritoneum – the serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering most of the viscera Endocardium - the membrane that lines the cavities of the heart and forms part of the heart valves Pericardium - a double-layered serous membrane that surrounds the heart Visceral Pericardium (epicardium) - the innermost of the two layers of the pericardium Parietal Pericardium - the tough outermost layer of the pericardium that is attached to the diaphragm and the sternum Ventral Body Cavity Membranes Parietal Pleura - pleura lining the inner chest walls and covering the diaphragm Visceral Pleura - pleura covering the lungs Peritoneum – the serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering most of the viscera Abdominopelvic Regions Abdominopelvic Regions Umbilical Epigastric Hypogastric Right and left iliac or inguinal Right and left lumbar Right and left hypochondriac Abdominopelvic Regions Abdominopelvic Regions Abdominopelvic Quadrants Abdominopelvic Quadrants Right upper Left upper Right lower Left lower Life Span Changes Life Span Changes Aging...
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