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American Ethnicity 1 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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Alexandra Wittchen American Ethnicity Paper 1 August 29, 2007 Throughout the evolution of our country there have been many changes in society regarding gender, religion, and most of all, race. When most people think about racism their train of thought starts with slavery and leads to the Civil War and ends with the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. Most people don’t like to think of racism as being a prevalent force in society today, much less of themselves as racist. The truth is, however, that racism is still a driving factor in many hostile interactions between blacks and whites today and not in the way you may think. Not only are many whites discriminating against blacks, blacks are discriminating against whites just as much. It’s not hard to understand why there is such animosity between blacks and whites, especially after reading the articles by Marvin Harris and Howard Zinn. Black people in the United States (and other countries) were not just enslaved for centuries; they were stripped of their families, culture, and dignity. White slave masters made African-Americans into the fleas of society. After reading Marvin Harris’s article, “How Our Skins Got Their Color”, it became clear to me, even more than before, that skin color is strictly a biological form of protection. The more melanin particles, the less likely you are to get skin cancer and the
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American Ethnicity 1 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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